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Circle President : Sri R. J. Pandey (Mob.: 9415015400)     |   Circle Secretary : Sri A. K. Singh (Mob.: 9415212121)     |     Finance Secretary : Sri G. N. Pandey (Mob.: 9415900900)

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13.04.2015: GS writes to CGMT, UP (East) circle regarding formation of Adhoc Circle Body of AIBSNLEA, UP (East) Circle due to non-functioning of present AIBSNLEA, UP (East) Circle Body and due to anti Association activities of Shri P.C. Rastogi, Circle Secretary, AIBSNLEA, UP (East) Circle.     <<<<Click Here>>>>





24.12.2014 Time Bound Financial Up-gradation of Executives of Telecom Stream (E4 to E5 Scale) >>>>> Click for the letter






26-09-2014: JAO to AO promotion orders expected to be issued in next weak.

26-09-2014: Adhoc body has been nominated in Lakhimpur SSA with Sri Basaruddin SDE as President, Sri Het Ram Verma AO as Dist. Secretary and Sri Shakendra Singh AO as Dist. Treasurer.

19-09-2014: It has been learnt that JAO to AO promotion order will be issued by next weak.

11-09-2014:Circle Secretary written a leter to GS for taking the matter with GM (Pers.) regarding retention of all 9 SDEs (as per Annexure) who have promoted to DE (Regular) vide order dated 20-08-2014 on the ground being accute shortage of DEs in the UP(E) circle.

11-09-2014: Circle Secretary requested to CGM UP(E) Circle for writting a letter to GM (Pers.) regarding retention of all 9 SDEs (as per Annexure) who have promoted to DE (Regular) vide order dated 20-08-2014 on the ground being accute shortage of DEs in the circle.

03-09-2014: Corrected posting order has been issued in respect of DE(Adhoc) to DE(Regular)>>>>Click here for list

29-08-2014: DE regular posting order has been issued in UPE Circle>>>>>>>Click here for letter

21-08-2014: Promotion orders for Regular DET is expected today or tommorrow containing aprrox. 2305 No. of officers.

16.08.2014: Corigendum for Special leave sanctioned from O/o CGMT UP(E) Circle for attending CWC at Hyderabad.>>>>Click here for letter

14.08.2014: Special leave sanctioned from O/o CGMT UP(E) Circle for attending CWC at Hyderabad>>>>>Click here for letter

14.08.2014: CS UPE forwarded the request application of Sri Girish Chandra JTO(C) for retention upto 31-03-2015.>>>>Click here for letter

11.08.2014: A well organised co-ordination meeting between AIBSNLEA UP(E) and AIGETOA UP(E) has been held at RTTC Lucknow.Sri P.C.Rastogi CS AIBSNLEA,Sri D.K.Srivastava FS AIBSNLEA, Sri A.K.Verma BS RTTC AIBSNLEA, Sri S.S.Chaudhary CS AIGETOA and Sri D.K.Gupta AIGETOA has attended the meeting.Various issues has been discussed.Both the CS agreed upon full co-operation for eachother in future.

23.07.2014: A well organised meeting of AIBSNLEA was held at Bhopal House Lucknow. Sri P.C.Rastogi CS ,Sri R.A.Tripathi CWC member, Sri D.K.Srivastava FS and Sri D.C.Gupta Branch Sec. Circle office have attended the meeting. Many issues have been discussed in the meeting. Com.K.L. Bhartiya DGM(F),Com.T.P.Maurya CAO, Com. Sanjay Verma CAO,Com Seema Shukla AO have appreciated the steps taken by our GS for development of BSNL as well as its employees.

23.07.2014: It has been learnt that

(i) CPC from JAO to AO:  CPC from JAO to AO as most of screening reports have been received in SEA Cell. ED(F) assured an early action in this regard.

(ii) CPC from AO to CAO: Approval of BSNL Board is required to direct 50% MT quota post to seniority quota post. ED(F) assured that she will try to get approval from BSNL Board in its meeting on 20th August, 2014.

(iii) CPCs from CAO(Adhoc) to CAO(Regular) & DGM(Adhoc) to DGM(Regular):  ED(F) assured that she will personally talk to CVO for sending VCRs at the earliest to expedite CPC.

(IV) Five advance increment to PA:Management committee has cleared and it will be submitted before BSNL Board for approval on dated 20/08/2014

21.07.2014: Deloitte consultants submitted report on financial revival and comprehensive HR plan for BSNL:Same is to be discussed in HOCC meeting scheduled in AUG2014

<<view letter>> <<annexure-1>> <<annexure-2>> <<annexure-3>> <<annexure-4>> <<annexure-5>> <<annexure-6>> <<annexure-7>>

17.07.2014:CS UPE write letter to GM Finance UP(E) circle regarding request transfer of Sri Amit Anuranjan Srivastava JAO.>>>>>Click here for letter

16.07.2014:CS UPE write letter to GS AIBSNLEA requesting retention of Sri R.K.Nigam CAO and Sri Sashi Kant Misra in UP(E) circle>>>Click for letter 1>>>>>Click for letter 2

14.07.2014:AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA signed Joint Declaration today to face the referendum jointly and settlement of the common issues,  .  <<<Click here for the details of  Joint Declaration >>>>>

14.07.2014: AIBSNLEA UP(E) welcomes Sh. Rakesh Garg, IAS 1980- Batch of UP Cadre for posting as Secy(T), DoT.

10.07.2014: Adhoc body has been formed in Hardoi on dated 10-07-2014.Sri R.C.Barai CAO as President,Sri Nathu Ram Pal DE as District Secretary and Sri Kalyan Singh Chauhan AO as District Tresurar have been nominated.

10.07.2014: New body has been formed in Allahabad SSA on dated 09-07-2014.Sri V.K.Premi DGM(F) as President,SriV.K.Srivastava DE as District Secretary and Sri S.M.Tiwari AGM as District Tresurar have been nominated.>>>>>Click here for list.

07.07.2014: DPE issued orders for revising IDA from 88.4% to 91.3% w.e.f.01.07.2014 <<<Click here for order>>>

07-07-2014: DISC./Vig. clearance proforma for promotion to DGM(Adhoc)>>>>>>Click here for letter.

05.07.2014: A well organised General Body meeting of “ALL INDIA RETIRED BSNL EXECUTIVES’ WELFARE ASSOCIATION” UP(East) Circle was held on 04-07-2014 at Lucknow under the chairmanship of Shri S.M.Abbas (Retd. AGM) in the presence of Shri Pradeep Goyal, AGS AIRBSNLEWA New Delhi, Shri P.C. Rastogi, Circle secretary AIBSNLEA.Shri Pradeep Goyal, AGS AIRBSNLEWA welcome the members and addressed the house. He informed the latest status of Pension revision case on 78.2% IDA merger.

Meeting was addressed by Shri Pradeep Goyal, AGS AIRBSNLEWA New Delhi, Shri P.C. Rastogi Circle secretary AIBSNLEA UP(East) Circle, Shri D.K.Srivastava, Circle Treasurer AIBSNLEA UP(East), Shri D.C.Gupta, DS AIBSNLEA, Shri Pallab Bose, ex Circle Secretary SNEA(India) UP(East) Circle, and many other Retd. BSNL executives.

Shri S.M.Abbas, Shri. Pallab Bose and Shri. C.S.Verma have been nominated by the house unanimously as adhoc body of AIRBSNLEWA UP(East) Circle as Circle President, Circle Secretary & Circle Treasurer respectively.

The Asstt. General Secretary congratulated all the elected members. The meeting was concluded after vote of thanks by President Sri S.M.Abbas.

05-07-2014: Adhoc body has been formed in Sahjahanpur SSA on dated 05-07-2014.Sri Mani Ram CAO as President,Sri J.N.Bajpai SDE as District Secretary and Sri R.S.Pal AO as District Tresurar have been nominated.

04.07.2014: Adhoc body has been nominated in Barabanki District with Sri A.P.Singh AO,Sri V.P.Singh DE, Sri A.K.Singh JAO as District President,District Secretary and Treasurer respectivly. >>>>>>Click here for letter

02.07.2014: Disc/vig clearance proforma is to be furnished for local officiating promotion of JTO(T) to the SDE(T) cadre. >>>>> Click for order

27.06.2014: CS UP(E) alongwith Com. D.K.Srivastava Circle FS and Com.D.C.Gupta Branch Sec.Circle Office attended the meeting at RTTC LW.Circle Secretary Com. P.C.Rastogi addressed the house and resolve the some issues of RTTC LW. He assures to resolve other pending issues with administration.

23.06.2014: All the District secretary / Branch secretary are requested to deposit CHQ & PHQ quota upto June 2014. CWC meeting is scheduled to be held from 21-08-2014 at Hyderabad, therefore it is requested to deposit the quota before 30/07/2014.

21-06-2014: Lookafter arrangement order from SDE(T) to DE(T) has been issued.

>>>>Click for order

18.06.2014: CS UP(E) alongwith Com.R.J.Pandey Circle President , Com. D.K.Srivastava Circle FS and Com.D.C.Gupta Branch Sec.Circle Office attended the immergent meeting called by civil wing regarding discriminating attitude of Chief Engineer Civil.The meeting halted for one hour.After that all the four Com. alongwith Com N.C.Jain civil,Com. Tripathi met the Chief Engineer Civil and discussed the various issues of civil wing.Issues has been solved in a co-ordial atomosphere.

08.06.2014: The general body meeting,Sitapur district,UP E was held on dated 07/06/2014. Com. P.C.Rastogi, CS, Com. D.K.Srivastava FS, Com.R.K.Nigam,President Mobile unit and Com.A.K.Verma,Branch Secretary RTTC Lucknow were present in the meeting. Com. G.N.Pandey DE Sitapur(our Organising Secretary) welcome to all the guests. Com. S.R.Upadhaya presided the meeting.The meeting started with great enthusiasm.Members placed their sugessions and discussed about our organisation. Com. P.C.Rastogi,Circle Secretary sum up all the points raised by the house. At the last new body was formed,Com. O.P.Verma AO, Com. Ashish Srivastava JTO and Com. R.K.Sharma has been elected as District President,District Secretary and District Finance Secretary respectively.

20.05.2014:Promotion and posting of 135 nos. regular executives of STS level of Telecom Finance to the grade of DGM (equivalent to JAG) of Telecom Finance on ad-hoc basis-<<<Click here for order>>>

19.05.14: It has reliability learnt that CAO to DGM(F) promotion orders are going to be issued this weak.

13.05.2014: Dis./Vig. has been asked from circle office for look after arrangement in DE cadre.>>>>>>>Click here for list

28.04.2014: Sri Jai Prakash Verma [ Ex. ACS SNATTA UP(EAST) ], recently has joined as JTO.He is an energetic and active office bearer.He alongwith large number of new young executives have joined our Association.Some of them are Sri Bhawan Brajendra Kumar,Sri Prabhat Misra,Sri J.P.Samant,Sri Randheer Singh,Sri Brajesh Maurya,Sri Pradeep Kumar,Sri Naresh Maurya,Sri Dinesh Anand,Sri Vikash Sinha,Sri Devendra Singh,Sri Atul Kumar,Sri Sunil Srivastava,Sri Pankaj Srivastava.WELCOME &Thanks to ALL.

19.04.2014: Posting order in respect of JTOs is issued after completion of 04 (four) weeks field training. >>>>>Click for order

16.04.2014: CS UP (East) circle alongwith GS and AGS(Engg.) met GM (Pers.) and discussed the following issues.
  a)     Consideration of transfer orders of SDEs (T) and DEs on immunity / medical grounds 
  b)      Modification in SOFT Tenure Transfer Policy: GM (Pers.) mentioned that BSNL MC  Note for modification in soft tenure transfer policy  has been prepared where in one executive after three years service in a soft tenure station should come back to his parent SSA  and will be kept away from inter circle transfer. He assured an early action in this regard.

c)       E-6  IDA Pay upgradation under EPP to DGMs promoted from Group "B"   Level: GM (Pers.) assured that shortly MC Note will be sent to BSNL MC / Board for consideration and approval.

16.04.2014: CS UP (East) circle alongwith GS , AGS (Engg), met GM (Estt) and discussed regarding finalization of JTO RR-2014. GM (Estt) mentioned that one more committee meeting is being held shortly to insert the    provision of    seniority fixation clause in the RRs. He assure an early action in this regard.

b) Allowing option to JAOs appointed after 07.05.2010: 

24.03.2014: CS UP(E) Circle writes to GS New Delhi regarding promotion of Sri M.M.Chaurasia, Sr.AO>>>>>>>Click here for letter

24.03.2014: CS UP(E) Circle writes to GS New Delhi regarding transfer cases of DEs/SDE.>>>>>>>Click here for letter >>>>>>>>>Click here for letter

22.03.2014:Circle Secretary Com P. C. Rastogi along with Financial Secretary Com D. K. Srivastava and CWC Member Com R. A. Tripathi attended the Special meeting, organized by BS RTTC Lucknow, Com A. K. Verma at RTTC Lucknow on 21.03.2014.
BS RTTC Com Verma welcomed to all and appealed to JTO trainees to join AIBSNLEA & strengthen the hands of AIBSNLEA in the coming membership verification.
CS Com. P. C. Rastogi addressed the JTO trainees and heartily welcomed them on their entry in the Executive cadre. He appreciated the contribution of TTA's in BSNL.
CS told that AIBSNLEA is the only association who is raising the issue of all the executive cadres of BSNL and is committed firm stand of AIBSNLEA regarding full 30% contribution towards Superannuation benefits to directly recruited employees as per DPE guidelines.
CS has also replied to the points raised by the JTO Trainees on different issues. CS informed the house that AIBSNLEA has already submitted its crystal clear views about the issues related to provisions of Superannuation Benefits to directly recruited employees and BSNL should contribute 12% as Superannuation Benefits in respect of Direct Recruits. He explained the efforts of AIBSNLEA CHQ in continuously resolving the issues of BSNL Direct Recruit Executives like EPF, Superannuation benefits and Child Care Leave.
Com. CS mentioned the demand of AIBSNLEA for Implementation of (i) assured Executives Promotion Policy in BSNL (ii) Implementation of CPSU cadre hierarchy in BSNL. On each time bound up-gradation to the next higher grade, the designation and the duties/ responsibilities associated with the grade should also be changed as assured at the time of absorption to the Gr.'B' officers in BSNL i.e. "Non post based time bound functional promotions up-to SG JAG level grade and post based promotions after SAG level post ". (iii) First time bound promotion on 1-10-2004 after four years w.e.f. 1-10-2000 in all the cases. CS elaborate the importance of this issue for young Executives'. (iv) AIBSNLEA has already submitted its crystal clear views about the issues related to provisions of Superannuation Benefits to directly recruited employees Pay anomaly in the pay of JTOs of 2007 and 2008 batches (recruited after 01.01.2007) and Implementation of E-2, E-3 IDA pay scales for JTO/JAO & SDE/AO equivalent executives in BSNL. 
At last Com CS explained the endless contribution and important role of AIBSNLEA in the viability of BSNL. Com. Circle Secretary appealed them to work whole heartedly for the viability of BSNL, which is the need of the hour. He appealed the young generation to contribute to uplift BSNL from the present financial crises. He appealed them to make strengthen the AIBSNLEA as this is the one and only association who care for everyone. He appealed to the young Executives' to use this established democratic platform of this Association (AIBSNLEA) & fight with unity for their genuine demands.
Com Ashish Ranjan Srivastava CS of SNATTA UPE, Com Lalit Bahadur Singh Ex.CS and presently Sanrakchhak of SNATTA UPE and Com Narain Rai, Central Coordinator SNATTA UPE have given assurance of full support to our Association.

22-03-2014: Revenue of UP(E) Telecom Circle >> UP(E) Telecom Circle has taken turn arround and reduced the losses drastically.Now the circle revenue of the current financial year is likely to increase above 9% plus comparing to previous financial year.As promise given by Associaation to Management to give 10% possitive groth to meet out of 78.2% case.We are happy that our circle is going to fullfil the promise in current financial year.

05.03.2014: Promotion from DE(T) to DGM(Adhoc) is heldup for clearance from Hon'ble Supreme Court on 147 SDEs(T) LDCE quota seniority case. The case is listed for hearing on 24-03-2014 in the Hon'ble Supreme Court.

05.03.2014: Promotion from SDE(T) to DE(T) is heldup due to the contempt case pending in the Hon'ble High Court Chandigarh and SLP in the Hon'ble Supreme Court.The SLP in Hon'ble Supreme Court is posted for hearing on 11-03-2014.

05.03.2014: Promotion from JTO(T) to SDE(T) is heldup due to stay order on promotion from Hon'ble CAT Ernakulam Bench.Date fixed for hearing is 23.03.2014.

27.02.2014:VC asked for DE regular promotion.>>>>>>>Click here for letter

25.02.2014:VC asked for promotion from SDE to DE.>>>>>Click here for letter

>>>>>>click here for list

24.02.2014: Look after order from SDEto DE in UP(E) circle. >>>>>>>>>click here for order

22.1.2014: JTO (T) to SDE (T) CPC: About 3000 SDE (T) posts under Seniority quota are held up due to stay order granted by Hon'ble CAT Ernakulum Bench to operate existing JTOs seniority list.
CPC from DE (Adhoc) to DE (Regular): CS UPE requested to CHQ for early CPC against the vacancies of 2011-12 & 2012-13.
CPC from SDE (T) to DE: 1500 DEs posts which are delayed for want of direction from Hon'ble Supreme Court on account of, to operate Seniority lists no. 6 & 7 of SDEs.
CPC from DE to DGM (Adhoc): DE to DGM (Adhoc) to fill up about 480 DGM posts, promotion orders may be issued after the clearance by Hon'ble Supreme Court on 147 SDEs seniority case expected in Feb-14.

16-01-2013: Circle office Lw issued the Look After arrangement order of 35 executives from SDE to DE on 16/01/2014. >>>>> Click for order

09.01.2014:DPE issued order regarding Increase (5%) of IDA of  Board Level & Below Board Level Executives including Non Unionised Supervisors In CPSEs (DPE OM No.02/0002/2014-DPE(WC)-GL-I/14) w.e.f. 01.01.2014   <<<<Click here for order>>>

07.01.2014: BSNL notified the rules for Membership Verification of Executives Associations. >>>>> Click here to view the notification

07.01.2014: It is reliability learnt that regular list of 1886 DE issued on 16-08-2010,only 363 DE left and rest have retired.At present out of 3975 DE Regular post,approx.1200 are available.

07.01.2014:Our Association is continuosly pursuing the case of first time bound promotion after 4 year without reaching higher scale condition-Implementation of Hon'ble CAT Chennai judgement in the OANo. 441/2010 dated 23.02.2012.

07.01.2014: Our Association is pursuing to allowing option on pay fixation case of JAOs joined after 07/05/2012.JAOs coming under this perview are requested to provide some more information to circle secretary through mail for onward transmission to CHQ Regarding JAOs of year 2010 batch joined before 07/05/2010 or exercised option within one month period from 07/05/2010 after joining as JAO,it will help in settling the issue.

06.01.2014: List of SSA wise allotment of diary 2014 for execuitives>>>>>>>click here for list

04.01.2014: New District branch AIBSNLEA UP(E) of Faizabad SSA has been formed on dated 04/01/2014 >>>>>>>>>Click here for letter

02.01.2014: Order issued for time bound IDA scale upgradation for executives of Faizabad and Barabanki TD.>>>>>>>>>>Click here for letter.

01.01.2014: AIBSNLEA UP(E) circle wishes A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 to ONE & ALL.

30.12.2013: List of Holidays to be observed in UP(E) circle>>>>>>Click here for letter

26.12.2013: After regorous persuance of CS AIBSNLEA UP(E),PO for purchase of executive diaries-2014.>>>>>>>Click here for letter

23.12.2013: Consistance persuance of CS AIBSNLEA UP(E) with circle office administration and telephonic conversation with BRBRAITT Jabalpur resulted positive and it has been learnt that all 146 JTO Phase I condidates will be accomodated in RTTC Lucknow for training.

19.12.2013: We congratulate Sh.  Anupam Shrivatava on his selection as CMD, BSNL. 

16.12.2013: Purchase of diaries 2014 for executives. >>>>>>>Click here for letter

16.12.2013: VC proforma for extention of look after arrangement from SDE to DE>>>>>>Click here for lrtter.

03.12.2013: CS UP(E) met Addl. GM (Admn.) regarding pending issue of E2-E3 upgradation of Gorakhpur,Ballia & Deoria SSA. Addl. GM (Admn.) has written a letter to corporate office for clarification of dispute.He assured that after the clrification orders will be issued shortly.

03.12.2013: CS UP(E) alongwith BS RTTC LW Sri A.K.Verma met Addl. GM (Admn.) regarding allotment of seats from BRBRAITT Jabalpur for JTO Phase-1 Induction training of LICE passed candidates for promotion to the cadre of JTO.He assured to accomodate all the 146 condidates for training.

02.12.2013: CS, UP (E) has written a letter to CGM UP (E) Circle regarding JTO Phase-I training. >>>>>Click here for letter.

29.11.2013 D O P & T has published the updated version of the Guide on Right to Information Act 2005.

29.11.2013 BSNL CO has promoted 39 left-out JTOs against 67% seniority-cum-fitness quota to the grade of SDE (Telecom). 

28.11.2013 CS UPE has written letter to GS for implementation of Uniform policy in First time bound up-gradation in 4 years for all executives:
Clause  3.1 of the OM No. 400/61-2004-Pers. 1, dated 18.1.2007 issued by the Joint Deputy Director General in so far as it deals with the Time Bound /Post based  executive promotion Policy  Group ‘B’ officers of the BSNL.
Clause 3.1 of the OM says that First up-gradation of IDA Scale of individual executive will be due for consideration on completion of Four years of service in the current IDA Scale subject to the condition that the executive’s basic pay in the current IDA Scale has reached/touched the lowest of the higher IDA Scale for which his/her up gradation is to be considered or he/she completed 6 (Six) years of service in the current IDA Scale, whichever is earlier.
A reading of the above provision would reveal  that the Group ’B’ officers in the cadre of BSNL will be eligible for time bound IDA Scale up gradation to the executive Scale on completion of Four years of service in the current IDA Scale provides that he has touched the minimum of the next IDA Scale. The second criterion is that all other officers will be considered for grant of up gradation when they complete Six years of service. Thus it introduces two sets of eligibility criteria which are against the Rules.
JTOs/JAOs recruited by BSNL, after getting 30% fitment, become eligible for their first time bound up gradation in 4 years while JTOs/JAOs recruited by DOT in the years 1993/94/95/96/97/98/99 and absorbed in BSNL get their Ist time bound up gradation in 6 years and it creates injustice to them.
Against the above OM dated 18-1-2007, in the Hon’ble CAT Madras Bench OA No.441/2010 was filed. Hon’ble CAT Madras Bench set aside clause 3.1 of the OM dated 18.1.2007 to the extent it refers to two sets of eligibility criteria.
Therefore, it is requested to plead the case to BSNL Management to with draw para 3.1 of O.M. dated 18-1-2007 as per order of Hon’ble CAT Madras Bench in OA No.441/2010, and implement uniform policy for first time bound up-gradation in 4 years for all executives.

27.11.2013: CS UP(E) Circle has written to GS AIBSNLEA New Delhi for persuing the case of uniform policy for Ist time bound upgradation in 4 year, may be implemented as per order of Hon'ble CAT Madras bench in OA 441/2010. In this judgement Hon'ble CAT has quashed dual time bound fixation in four and six year.

23.11.2013: It has been learnt that DPC from JAO to AO (1900 posts) will be started shortly.

23.11.2013: VC asked from Circle office to be sent to corporate office for promotion from DE(Adhoc) to DE(Regular). >>>>>>>>click here for the letter

22.11.2013: Regarding DE(Adhoc) to DE (Regular) promotion.List of officers VC required for.>>>>>click here for list.

02.11.2013:Happy Dipawali to all the members.CS UP(E ) Circle AIBSNLEA.

29-10-2013: Adhoc body of AIBSNLEA UP(E) in Kanpur District has been nominated.>>>>>Click here for letter.

28-10-2013: Disc./Vig. clearance have been asked from circle office in respect of promotion from DE(Adhoc) to DE (Regular).>>>>>>>>Click here for letter.

26-10-2013: CS UP(E) Circle written letter to GS AIBSNLEA New Delhi regarding missing/left out condidates of UP(E) circle in the DE regular promotion order issued on dated 25/10/2013.>>>>>>Click here for letter

25-10-2013: Promotion order from DE(Adhoc) to DE(Regular) for (470+12) No. condidates have been issued today.

23-10-2013: Disc./Vig. clearance for promotion from DE to DGM Adhoc/Look after>>>>>Clik here for letter

22-10-2013: Adhoc body of AIBSNLEA Sitapur branch has been formed. President - Sri O.P.Verma(CAO),District Secretary- Sri S.R.Upadhaya (D.E),Financial Secretary- Sri R.P.Bajpai (A.O.)

18-10-2013: Special casual leave sanctioned letter from CGMT UP(E) for attending All India Conference at Nasik.>>>>>Click here for letter

18-10-2013: Corporate office called the ACRs/APARs for the year 2007-08 to 2012-13 for prommotion to DGM(T) Adhoc from regular AGM/DE upto seniority no. 14064 for OC &SC condidates and upto seniority no. 21823 for ST condidates.

10-10-2013: State convention on revival of BSNL on Dated 15-10-2013.>>>> Click Here

05-10-2013: United Forum has organised a seminar on "Improvement of BSNL" on dated 15-10-2013 at 11.00 hrs. in Gandhi Preksha Grah, Opposite Residency, Lucknow. All CHQ/PHQ/CEC members are requested to attend the seminar.

04-10-2013: Promotion order of left out cases from DE Adhoc to DE Regular has been issued today.

01-10-2013: Congritulation to all members on BSNL Day. Massage fromCMD BSNL on this occassion.>>>>> Click for message

27-09-2013: Congritulation! After consistent efforts of CS UP(E) AIBSNLEA, SDE to DE (Look-After) promotion list of 19 SDEs has been released. We are extremely thankful to Hon’ble Sri. A.K. Purwar CGMT, Sri Sunil Parihar PGM (Admin), Sri Rajiv Chandel Add. GM (Admin) and Staff section of the Circle Office Lucknow for issuing this orders. >>>>> Click for Order

24-09-2013: Promotion order of 198 CAO regular has been issued today.

23-09-2013: Promotion order of 198 CAO regular is expected by tommorrow.

19-09-2013: Regarding 4th All India Conference of AIBSNLEA.

1. Electing the delegates as per constitution and intimation their names and arrival particulars to the host circle. Delegates to be elected @ one delegate per 30 paid members.

2. Clearing the CHQ & PHQ quota up to the month of October-2013 before  15/10/2013.Collect Rs.200/= per member as legal fund and deposit the same with Financial Secretary for onward submission to CHQ.

3. Depositing the delegate fee @Rs. 1200/- per delegate to the host circle immediately on reaching Nasik.

4. Circle Secretaries/CWC Members/Circle Presidents will be Ex-Office delegates.

5. Cooperating with the host circle in all respects.

6. Arrival of Circle Secretary and CWC members-08.11.2013.

7. CWC meet at 14.00 hrs. on 09.11.2013.

8. Arrival of delegates-09.11.2013.

9. All India conference w.e.f 10.11.2013 to 12.11.2013

10. Departure of delegates 13.11.2013.


19-09-2013: CS UP(E) circle alongwith GS AIBSNLEA met Addl.GM Pers and Sr. GM Pers on dated 18-09-2013 requested for release of 174 SDEs promotion order to DE Adhoc as ACRs & VCRs are available in Pers cell and management committee of BSNL Board has approved promotion of 1860 SDEs to DE Adhoc post.Till date only 1686 SDEs have been promoted on different dates w.e.f 19/07/2013.Sr.GM Pers assured early action on this matter and list is expected very soon.

11-09-2013: CS UP(E) Circle Lucknow written a letter to GS AIBSNLEA New Delhi regarding uniform policy for all executives at the time of first time bound upgradation in four years.

06-09-2013:VC called for 22 SDE's for lookafter arrangement to DE cadre.

29-08-2013: Adhoc body of Faizabad SSA has been formed on dated 29/08/2013 with President- Sri V.S.Seth(AGM plg), District Secretary- Sri Ganesh Prasad(SDE OFC),& Cashier - Sri M. Abbas(AO cash).

29-08-2013: It has been learnt that DPC for promotion from CAO (Adhoc) to CAO(Regular) will be completed in next week.

21-08-2013: CS, AIBSNLEA, UP (E) Circle written letter to GM (Finance), UP (E) Circle to settle the Financial upgradation/Request Transfer cases. Click here for letter

21-08-2013: Chandigarh High court order. Click here for order copy

19-08-2013:-Respected CGMT UP(E) Circle has given time for introductry meeting with newly elected PHQ office bearers of AIBSNLEA UP(E) on 29/08/2013 at 11.30 AM . All the PHQ office bearers are requested to attend the meeting.

16-08-2013:- Promotion order from DE(Adhoc) to DE(Regular) has been issued by corporate office in respect of 246 condidates. Click here

05-08-2013:- Circle Secretary AIBSNLEA U.P (E) Com. P. C. Rastogi, attended the meeting NATIONAL CONVENTION OF BSNL EMPLOYEE “ON REVIVAL OF BSNL” 3RD AUGUST 2013 MAVLANKAR HALL, NEW DELHI. This national convention was participated  by BSNL employees for all over India. It’s   deep concern and anxiety about continued loss of BSNL for the last four financial years and the reduction in its market share. The slow growth rate is mainly due to lack of expansion and development activities, non-procurement of required equipment etc. which continue despite sustained demands raised by the employees and their unions for improvement of the services. A meeting of all Central Office Bearers , Advisors & Circle Secretaries held at Central Head Quarter , New Delhi on 04th August 2013. The main agenda was membership verification of the Executive Association in BSNL.

01.08.2013: Letter issued from Circle office regarding PHQ of AIBSNLEA UP(E) Circle elected during Circle Conference on dated 26.07.2013. Click here

30.07.2013: On demand of CS UP(E) Circle and regress persuance of GS AIBSNLEA New Delhi , 11 cases of NTR Circle previously transfer on promotion to other circle, have been modified and revised order have been issued for the same circle i.e. NTR Click here for order

29.07.2013: Revised order for posting in UP(E) has been issued by corporate office on dated 29/07/2013 in respect of those then SDEs who have been allotted UP(W) earliar on promotion. Click here for letter

26.07.2013: A marvelous and well organized IVth  Circle Conference of  AIBSNLEA UP (E) circle was held on 25th & 26th July 2013 at Allahabad. Prominent among the PHQ office bearers were elected unanimously  are Shri Ram Janam Pandey – President, Shri Prakash Chandra Rastogi—Circle Secretary and Shri D.K. Srivastava—Finance Secretary Shri R.A.Tripathi CAO RTTC , Shri D.N. Upadhaya SDE Varanasi as CWC memeber.

22.07.2013: Hon'ble CGM UP(E) has written a D.O. to corporate office for retention of all the SDEs who have been allotted other circles.

22.07.2013: Posting on Promotion of Executives SDE(Telecom) to the Executive AGM/DE Telecom Operation stream in the IDA scale of Rs. 29100-54500/- on purely temporary and adhoc basis order issued from Circle Office. Click here

20.07.2013: Promotion order from SDE to DE Adhoc has been issued on dated 20.07.2013 up to seniority no. 18312 if the SDE having seniority below 18312 and does not find his name in the list , such comrades are requested to send mail to CS UP(E) Circle for persuation with HQ with following details 1. Name of condidate 2. HR No. 3. Seniority No. 4. Staff No. 5. Date of birth.

20.07.2013: Posting on Promotion of Executives SDE(Telecom) to the Executive AGM/DE Telecom Operation stream. List of candidates promoted from UP(E) Circle Click here for list

20.07.2013: Posting on Promotion of Executives SDE(Telecom) to the Executive AGM/DE Telecom Operation stream in the IDA scale of Rs. 29100-54500/- on purely temporary and adhoc basis order issued Click1 Click2 Click3 Click4 Click5

19.07.2013:Circle Conference of AIBSNLEA, UP (East) Circle on 25th & 26th July 2013 at TEMPTATION ULTIMATE15, Katra Road, Balrampur House, Allahabad Click here for Programme

17.07.2013: Furnishing of Dis/Vig. clearence proforma for promotion from STS (Adhoc) to STS (Regular) Click here for Letter

17.07.2013: Dear Comrades , SDE to DE CPC is over to fill up 1860 DEs Posts , promotion orders are expected within one or two days. CS UP(E) Circle trying his best to retain all in UP(E) Circle.

10.07.2013: CS P.C.Rastogi, FS D.K.Srivastava,DS circle office D.C.Gupta met the CGM UP(E) circle and invited him for circle conference on dated 25/07/2013.Also discussed various issues of UP(E) circle.Regarding list of look after arrangement from SDE to DET,CGM assures it by tommorrow.

09.07.13: MTRR 2007 & MTRR 2009 stands revoked and new rule MTRR 2013 has been issued on dated 05.07.2013.

09.07.13: FOBUA(JAC) has decided to hold lunch hours demostration on dated 09.07.2013 to protest against increase in FDI from 74% to 100% in Telecom Sector. Also to extending support to Neyveli Lignite Corporation workers on strike from 03.07.2013 against disinvestment of NLC.

06.07.13: All Branch Secretaries are requested to convey the delegates to the Host Branch Secretary, Allahabad Shri V.K. Srivastava (DE) , Contact no. 9415017060. Deligates fee is Rs. 1000/- per deligate to be deposited with host branch.

06.07.13: All Branch Secretaries are requested to remit CHQ/PHQ quota pending up to June-2013 alongwith conference fees Rs.200/- per member latest by 15th July-2013 for convinently holding conference on 25th July-2013 .

05.07.2013: Promotion & Posting of JTO to SDE in BSNL under competative quota order issued 05/07/2013.

04.07.2013: CS P.C.Rastogi,CWC member S.P.Misra, FS D.K.Srivastava,DS circle office D.C.Gupta visited Allahabad for venue finalisation and prepartory work with respect to circle conference dated 25.07.13 and also attended general body meeting held by Allahabad SSA

Regarding Circle Conference of AIBSNLEA, UP (EAST) Circle (Dated: 10-06-2013)


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Regarding Special Casual Leave (Dated: 10-06-2013)


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